Entering foster care

The Transition Panel!!!

Yesterday us All-Stars had our first transition panel with real people. As in real people I mean it was no longer presenting to the fellow All-Stars. I was so scarred at first but afterwords the impression we left was an amazing one. I never thought that my story could tell so much and help so many. Yes this transition panel was small but the small changes are what make the big changes. I was so happy to hear that some foster parents were considering taking in teens when before that was unfathomable to them. It reminds me of when I first got put into care and the social worker that took me to my new home had told me that I was lucky my foster parents would even take me in. She had this view of all teens being disruptive and trouble makers. I felt as if I had done no wrong. I got good grades, never got into trouble and had no reason for anyone to say I was lucky someone would care for me. Every child deserves to have someone who loves them and cares for them. Without a person to show compassion the youth will have a hard time going into a successful adult hood.
One Foster parent even told me she would adopt me. It made my heart sink. Although she was a new foster parent, it felt like I was welcomed and loved. I also felt happy to see that social workers were glad to hear that if I could change something about the foster care system I would change the case load of caseworkers I know that's one that a lot of youth and case workers really want. The youth want to spend more time with them so they can feel as if that is their parent or a loving figure. The case workers want to be able to see their youth and not just be the one to fill out the paper work and do all the behind the scene stuff. Over all I felt as if the transition panel went really well. I am so glad that I am here. Our voices need to be heard and our hearts spoken for!

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