Family relationships

Family is not always Biological


The most important thing in my life is my family. I spent over 2 years in care before being adopted two weeks before my 18th birthday. The whole time I was in care felt like a honeymoon. After the adoption, the relationship between my parents and I went downhill a little because of disagreements, but I still have solid relationships with them. It was hard, being away from my biological mom and siblings and having issues that I didn’t find normal with my adoptive family. My adoptive parents and biological mom do not get along, which makes it hard for me to keep a good relationship with both my adoptive parents and biological mom.


 I found a family that I embraced and felt the most comfortable with at work. One of my managers claimed me as her daughter. She is willing to be there for me through good times and bad. She is my biggest support. She constantly tells me she loves me and that she is proud of me and all my accomplishments. This summer, I attend the FosterClub All-Star internship, she messaged me every day asking me how the internship is going.  


I trust her to be there when I need her to be or to give me advice. Family is where you make it, not always a result of birth or assignment. 


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