ABC News Foster Care Survey

An exciting opportunity to build national awareness about foster care! ABC News with Diane Sawyer has contacted FosterClub, and asked for help reaching out to young people from foster care. That's where YOU come in! They are interested in bringing together foster youth of all ages from around the country for a national town meeting in January 2011 to discuss what it’s like living in foster care, the challenges foster youth face, and the impact of multiple placements and medications. They are planning to bring kids, foster parents, and advocates to New York for our town meeting. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the survey below.

YOU'RE INFORMATION WILL NOT BE MADE PUBLIC until we talk to you first.

Filling out the survey DOES NOT guarantee that you will be invited to be on TV. If you, your foster parent, or another supportive adult has questions, please contact Celeste Bodner, Executive Director, at [email protected].

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