Mental health

The Council Discusses Mental Health with the Administration for Children & Families


The National Foster Care Youth & Alumni Policy Council had the pleasure of meeting with key stakeholders from the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) last week!

Commissioner Jones-Gaston, Associate Commissioner Schomburg, and some of their key staffers engaged in dialogue with us about our mental health priority statements over the last 10 years, as well as what our current members are seeing regarding mental health through their work in their communities.

We grounded our discussion with a moment of silence for Jordan Neely, whose recent death in NYC reminds us why it is critical to continue conversations about appropriate mental health support during and after foster care. Our conversation included an array of topics including the importance of accessible independent living programs, maintaining cultural + family connections, peer-based support, and continuity of mental health services after exiting foster care.

Council members left grateful for the connections and excited for the opportunity to further inform the steps ACF is taking to holistically support the mental health of youth in foster care. Thank you ACF!

Take a look at how our mental health priority statements align with the Children’s Bureau’s priority goals, as well as what some of our current Council members have to say about improving mental health support in foster care!

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