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CHANGES ARE Funky sometimes uncertain, and the days have crowded with newfound tasks as well as responsibilities to undertake and effectively assume those new responsibilities safely and surely. I am...

Transition (aging out)

Consider these items as you develop your transition plan: During the transition to adulthood, surprises about the costs of health and self care often take young people by suyrprise. Plan...

Transition (aging out)

By Ray Hershe, abc40tv • April 13, 2009, SPRINGFIELD, Mass -- The economy makes it tough on everyone. Among those hard hit are social service agencies. And when you rely...

Transition (aging out)

Greg Moran • Mar 30, 2009, San Diego -- For foster-care youths who become adults, it is the little things that can cause big problems.

For some, money for a...

Transition (aging out)

Hey Guys, I am not sure if you know this or not but I am a new staff member at FosterClub. I am really excited about the move & so...

Transition (aging out)

Each year, more than 650 Michigan youth “age out” of foster care, leaving the system with no permanent family or place to call home. When I aged out, I was...

Transition (aging out)

Transitioning out of foster care can be a scary journey if you are not prepared. FosterClub recommends these 21 things every foster youth should do before they exit out of...

Transition (aging out)

National Foster Youth Advisory Council Members of the National Foster Youth Advisory Council (NFYAC) believe that every young person in the foster care system is entitled to a wide array...

Transition (aging out)

Chapin Hall released a new report: A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime: Relational Permanence Among Young Adults with Foster Care Backgrounds The phenomenon called “aging out” includes approximately 20,000...

Transition (aging out)

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